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Monte Conero regional park, Portonovo bay: here, overlooking the sea, the high cliffs that characterize the coast give life to a sight of rare beauty. Just on the slopes of the mountain, a unique Adriatic Sea, that alternates shades of turquoise with cobalt blue, flows through the beaches of stones and white gravel and frames a picture that leaves you breathless. It is in this landscape that the Clandestino of Moreno Cedroni rises, a stilt house inside the bay that bears the colours of the sky and the sea.

Clandestino susci bar is in Portonovo bay. All around, on the surrounding hills, white rock, turquoise water, lavenders and brooms. It is the gem of the Conero park, an uncontaminated oasis rich in Mediterranean scrub that envelop guests with intriguing scents.

It was the 10th of July 2000 when Clandestino opened the doors to its first guests. “Clandestino”, just like a song, the one of Manu Chau, that resounded everywhere at the dawn of the new millennium. It was exactly that extraordinary hit that inspired Maurizio Fiorini, together with the patron Moreno Cedroni, to name that kiosk, few meters away from the blue Adriatic water, Clandestino.

Clandestino has a lot to tell visitors about the Adriatic coast, a story made of scents and flavours, always new, that harmoniously follow each other. A story in the making, enriched every year by a new piece: every year in fact the Chef surprises his guests with a themed menu, which has seen over the years history and literature, myths and legends that really existed in the ‘50, tradition and passion, scents and colours, weave together.

Clandestino hides, among other things, a beautiful story of friendship, but also perhaps the beginning of a great gastronomic adventure that can be summarized in the “reform” of a nowadays famous dish: the sushi, named here susci, at first sight a simple word game which actually hides creativity and professionalism.

The Clandestino Susci Bar is the fish restaurant First Ranked for 50 Top Italy, Guide to Best Italian Restaurants 2023



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Moreno Cedroni

Moreno Cedroni is the 2 Michelin star Chef who has brought an avant-garde spirit into Italian cuisine.

He is considered one of the most innovative Italian chefs, a true enfant terrible of the international cuisine

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