Moreno Cedroni Chef Ambassador at Expo 2015

Little miss start of ‘Milan Expo 2015, the Universal Exhibition that will be an opportunity to meet and share of participants and visitors through the knowledge and experimentation of innovative theme: “Feed the Planet, Energy for Life”.

Moreno Cedroni was appointed Chef Ambassador of the event and with him other seven Chef, leading representatives of Italian restaurants: Ugo Alciati, Enrico Bartolini, Cesare Battisti, Carlo Cracco, Ernst Knam, Pietro Leemann, Davide Oldani. All were asked to choose one ingredient, simple, but significant, that they will use to describe better the values ​​of the World Fair. The chef Moreno Cedroni chose as personal ingredient of which, he said, could not do without: the olive oil. Representative element of its territory but also throughout the country.

The Ambassador project has as its ultimate goal is to create a network of opinion leaders that vehicles internationally Expo values, whether they are philosophers, journalists, writers, designers, actors, musicians and chefs, united by the desire to contribute first with food for thought on the universal manifestation.