The restaurant Madonnina del Pescatore is situated between the sea and the neverending beach, between green and comfortable hills and closely to cities and towns rich in masterpiece and history; it is setted among the beautiful Marche frame, protected by a devotional little monument still deeply venerated by sea-people and thanks to which its name had been chosen. Mariella guests you to make you taste the extraordinary and original chef-patron ‘s Moreno dishes. Cooking is centred on fish and mix fantasy within the skill of using perfect traditional raw materials. You could not miss susci with “c”, the turbot’s cutlet, and the breakfast too.

In Madonnina del Pescatore restaurant in Senigallia, Moreno Cedroni,  the chef patron, leads a demanding cooking, a very modern workshop inspired to these concepts. Architecture and setting, projected by Fabio Ceccarelli, reflect a prudent modernity that looks for a  careful service, but that is  flexible and composed at the same time, following Essentiality’s criteria. The beach and the sea represent, from another point of view, the survival of a landscape able to resist from mass tourism far from civilisation’s refinements: workshop, artificial and natural setting characterize then the perfect restaurant’s components.