The first fish delicatessen in the world. What you like, what really attracts you about Anikò ( an idiomatic expression which means “everything”) is that you don’t really know how to consider it. It is neither a counter nor a bar, appeared on Senigallia’s little square, it is rather a crossroad, even for cars and streets, of all that comes from our back. It is nice like a spatial “tray”, like a train wagon which is stranded not in the desert but just in the middle of a sea-city. Nobody will be able to get out of our heads that one of the essential reason to understand, to fall in love with Anikò, and we should say to wring its intention as well, is to take it as a contemporary artistic jewel.

An installation. A maritime grocer, a Cockaigne store, an up-date eatery. You should choice the reason of your stop at Anikò: just for an appetizer, or maybe for some shops, or even to keep on sine die the happy hour sitting on its tables, Anikò is not afraid of any comparison to let you to reflect. Take it as you prefer: a date place, a domestic shop, platform where you could eat a lot of snacks or grams and grams of fish, for us the real original model of Anikò is nor the store either the restaurant’s extension but even a kind of Haute Couture’s projection (Madonnina del Pescatore) that allows here to transform the definition prêt-a-porter onto a better prêt-a-manger. Anikò’s roots are obviously in the boundless Street Food.